The World’s Largest Digital Festival

The DreamHack festival is an experience designed for and built by the digital generation. With a heavy focus on gaming, esports, and interactive activities, we know our community loves our events because they help us plan and build them. Everything from the exhibitors we bring in, to the tournaments we run in the BYOC LAN, to the personalities we place in the Fan Zone are, in part, determined by our community. We pride ourselves on creating the most engaging in-person events possible.


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    3 Days Long

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    Open 24 Hours a Day

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    11 Global Festivals in 2019


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    310,000 Attendees in 2019

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    70% Under Age 30

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    80% Male

The DreamHack Festival Experience


    The bring your own computer (BYOC) local area network (LAN) party is how DreamHack started. Festival attendees bring all of their own gaming gear with them to the festival for three days of in-person gaming with their friends and fellow DreamHackers. The LAN is open 24 hours a day during all DreamHack festivals.


    Professional competitive video games (aka esports) are taking the world by storm. All DreamHack Festival events feature multiple professional esport tournaments, as well as open competitions where amateurs compete with the pros. The specific games, tournaments, and circuits featured at each DreamHack festival varies, providing a fresh content lineup for each event.

    The DreamExpo is our expo floor, featuring company booths, new technology demonstrations, indie games, charities, colleges, job recruitment, and more. We are always looking for new and exciting brands and companies to work with to bring to our show floor to create a better and more valuable experience for our attendees.

    Each DreamHack festival features a 36 hour long hackathon or game jam where participants use new technologies, API’s, and other coding skills to create a game or complete a pre-defined objective. Usually, the themes are chosen based upon the sponsor partner who is working with us to facilitate the hackathon.

    A typical DreamHack festival will host around 150 hours of panel content and programming over the course of the weekend. Panel topics vary based upon community and sponsor feedback. Examples of past panels include: Q&A’s with game developers, educational sessions, culture discussions, and general discussions around games, esports, and internet culture.

    Each festival features our Stream Zone where we invite 30-50 streamers to come to DreamHack to broadcast live for the entire weekend to their communities. The Stream Zone also allows in-person attendees a chance to meet and mingle with their favorite online personalities.

    Each DreamHack Festival features freeplay zones for PC, console, tabletop, mobile, and arcade games, allowing all of our festival attendees the chance to sit down and play throughout the course of the weekend. There is literally something for every type of gamer at DreamHack.

    Is it truly a festival without music? We bring in a diverse range of musical entertainment which we cater to the locality of the event. Everything from EDM DJ’s to rappers and orchestras have been booked as musical entertainment at a DreamHack Festival in the past.

    We are a 24 hour experience, as such, our attendees are able to sleep on site in our sleeping hall if they so choose. This thrifty sleeping accommodation provides sleepers with floorspace to rest up and recharge – the one catch being that sleepers must bring their own sleeping gear with them.

    The Fan Zone is where pro players, streamers, and personalities of note have the chance to meet and greet with their fans all weekend long – autographs and selfies are encouraged.

    Nerds love expressing themselves creatively by dressing up as their favorite characters, that’s just the way it is. So, at each DreamHack festival, we host a cosplay competition to celebrate the artistic ingenuity, creativity, and hard work that is poured into each and every costume.

    Lasers are the heart of DreamHack. Enough said.

2019 Festival Calendar