About DreamHack

  • DreamHack is a global events and production company. We focus on creating the best in-person esports and gaming festival experiences for our physical attendees, and then broadcast those experiences to the rest of our community through our online distribution platforms.

    Founded in 1994, DreamHack is entering its 25th year of operation. What started out as a group of friends in a cafeteria with no internet connection has blossomed into a global community of gaming, tech, and esports enthusiasts that come together over the course of a weekend to celebrate everything that makes gaming culture unique and diverse.

    In 2018, over 310,000 people attended a DreamHack festival in person, and in 2019, we are hosting 13 events across 8 countries including: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and the USA.

A Unique Festival Experience

  • The DreamHack festival is a one-of-a-kind experience for all types of gamers and digital enthusiasts.

    The core of our festival is the bring your own computer LAN party. Open 24 hours a day during DreamHack, thousands of our community members travel to DreamHack specifically to play games and make new friends in the LAN.

    In addition to the LAN, our festival events feature the world’s best esports, cosplay competitions, tabletop gaming, console gaming, pc gaming, hackathons, panel discussions, live music, and an expo hall featuring the newest technology about to hit the market.
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World Class Esports

  • It’s one thing to watch esports online, it’s another thing to experience them in person. That’s why all DreamHack events feature esports tournaments that bring in the best of the best, from around the globe, to compete for the prize money and the bragging rights to be crowned a DreamHack champion.

    As a tournament organizer, we pride ourselves in hosting esports competitions in the most popular esports titles of today, while also keeping our eye out for the next big title of tomorrow. Our current roster of esports tournaments and circuits include: DreamHack Open (CS:GO), DreamHack Masters (CS:GO), CORSAIR DreamLeague (DOTA 2), DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix, DreamHack Pro Circuit (Rocket League), and the DreamHack Fighting Game Championships.

Professional Broadcast Productions

  • Simply put, we know what it takes to make a high quality and professional esports broadcasts. Our broadcasts are known for their high quality production value, and for their lack of technical interruptions which are all too common in the esports world.

    We’ve pioneered many different aspects of what has become known as a typical the esports broadcast – from statistics and overlays, to introducing new content segments and sponsorship / advertising opportunities.

Part of Modern Times Group (MTG)

  • In 2015, DreamHack was acquired by Modern Times Group, a Swedish media company. The vision is to make DreamHack the number one festival for an entire generation of gamers.

    We plan to do that by bringing DreamHack festivals to more countries, adhering to the highest production standards possible, and building a strong, stable and sustainable event franchise that can bring the unique DreamHack experience not only to Swedish gamers, but to gamers across the globe.

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