NOVEMBER 29, 2018

DreamHack is proud to present the live finals of LBS League of Schools, a Nordic grassroots tournament in the games League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, at DreamHack Winter, November 30 to December 2. The league is a collaboration between LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet, Brottsoffermyndigheten, LvLUp, Challengermode and Plantronics, giving all students at a high school and university level the possibility to compete in a professional environment with a prize pool extending to over €4.000 – the perfect chance for future esports stars.

For the second consecutive year, DreamHack is happy to present LBS League of Schools – a grassroots tournament open for every student at a high school, college or university level. The league is offering a fair and competitive opportunity for all teams based in the Nordics. A total of 56 teams have made their way through the tournament during this fall, with four of them making into this weekends live finals at DreamHack Winter with the chance to secure a share of the €4.000 prize pool along with some neat Plantronics RIG headsets. The teams and schools will compete in front of a live audience as well as live on stream, battling out in the popular esports titles League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
The interest for esports is growing at a rapid rate, both in Sweden and internationally. For those students that wish to go for a career as esports athletes are LBS Kreative Gymnasiet now increasing the number of schools that offer esports as part of the curriculum. That is why we are happy to be a part of developing esports by being the name sponsor of League of Schools,” said Fredrik Ogell, dean at LBS and Hagströmska.
League of Schools offers the ordinary yet serious players a way to compete in their favorite games. Matchmaking and ranked games might be valuable tools for new esports athletes to become better but professionally executed, reliable and organized competitions are pretty scarce within esports and spread among the students. To offer a way for the students to test their skills and to be challenged on a higher level than usual is part of the reasons why League of Schools exist. Our goal is to make esports more available to the regular player,” said Philips Skogsberg from the partnering tournament platform Challengermode.


League of Schools will be broadcasted live on Twitch during DreamHack Winter 2018, but can also be followed in person by you who visit the event.
Saturday, December 1 : 14:00 CET – twitch.tv/challengermode
Sunday, December 2 . 14:00 CET – twitch.tv/challengermode

At this moment, eight LBS Kreativa Gymnasiets schools offer esports as part of the education at the esthetic program and will next fall expand to include students in Helsingborg, Borås and Kungsbacka.
The students that study esports with us are highly motivated with an ambition to evolve even more. With us and with help from our esports coaches, these students are provided with a foundation to make it really far. Students that aim for a career as a professional player chose the specialization Talang, while those who rather want to be skilled event organizers chose Event. Event offers courses in marketing, business, streaming and media. The education is part of the college and university preparatory esthetics program.
During DreamHack Winter, Brottsoffermyndigheten, The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority, will spread information on the new sexual offences act. Brottsoffermyndigheten will participate in DreamHack Winter alongside Emil “HeatoN” Christensen to talk about voluntary sex and the meaning of the new law.
The new sexual offences act took effect on July 1, 2018, and is built on the fact that sex should be voluntary, or else it is illegal. Brottsoffermyndigheten has been tasked by the Swedish government to produce and distribute information on the new law. One of the main target groups for the information is teenagers and young adults as well as the persons that they meet in their everyday life.
Brief information on the new sexual offences act
Sweden has a new sexual offence act since July 1, 2018, by media often referred to as the “samtyckeslag” (law of consent). The new law based on voluntariness. Sex must be voluntary or it is to be viewed as illegal. Every human has the right to decide over their own body and sexuality, which is highlighted by the new law.
Voluntary sex means that a person has, with words or body language, expressed a yes towards a sexual act. The one that wants to have sex must find out if the other person wants to be a part of it, for example by asking. It is also illegal to commit a sexual act if the person suspects or should have suspected that the other party did not want to. The one that wants to have sex with someone is therefore responsible for finding out if the other party really wants the same thing.
Visit frivilligtsex.se and brottsoffermyndigheten.se for more information.
The long-term vision is to improve the public’s perception of esports, and to establish Challengermode as the go-to platform for school/university esports. As such, our ambition is to connect the League of Schools with other school/university competitions around Europe. The goal is to help create an ecosystem for school esports across Europe (and globally).
LvL Up Esport Medical Center is a center specialized on gamers health. We are TEAM of professionals in the field of medicin, physical and mental health. Our plattform is sport specific in both digital and IRL. Our mission is to create a total health experience for all Esport Athletes and serious gamers and to make good health as accessible as possible for everyone. We are proud sponsors of Challengermode and the LBS League of schools finals @ DHW18 where the best nordic schools in LOL and CSGO compete.
We wish them all GL HF.
Plantronics is an audio pioneer and a leader in the communications industry. Plantronics technology creates rich, natural, people-first audio and collaboration experiences so good ideas can be shared and heard—wherever, whenever and however they happen. The company’s portfolio of integrated communications and collaboration solutions spans headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics and services. Our solutions are used worldwide by consumers and businesses alike and are the leading choice for every kind of workspace.
For more information visit plantronics.com.
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